General Terms and Conditions

Users Responsibilities

At the time of registration, a “User” will choose a Login Id and a password.

The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and the account. In other words user will be fully responsible for any activities that take place using their Login Id and Password

Any unauthorized usage of the password must be brought to the notice of Quick booker immediately and password change steps taken immediately to minimize the Security Breach.

The “User” must not use any one else’s password at all.

Quick booker will not be liable for any loss that the “User” may incur through unauthorized use of user’s Login Id and Password.

QuickBooker Right to Cancellation
In case of any unethical/ unauthorized conduct and/or misrepresentation of data, Quick Booker reserves the right to initiate any action as per its policy and/or law including but not limited to cancellation of the registration of any user. Quick booker will not be liable to any damage or loss that the “User” may incur as a result of such action. The “User” unequivocally indemnifies QuickBooker against any such claim or liability arising out of such an action.

Services Usage
The usage of Services will be governed by procedures and guidelines issued by QuickBooker which may be amended at any time.
The “User” will be responsible for all information/ data provided and warrants that the same will comply with requisite laws and regulations regarding data provided and use of services.
The “User” is expected to verify the accuracy of all information on their own especially in case of any linked sites.

Other terms and conditions

    • The jurisdiction for the purpose of this agreement is New Delhi , India.
    • Errors and Omissions regretted.
    • Quick booker reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without    any notice.
    • The “User” acknowledges and agrees that user will respect the copyrights or third party proprietary rights and not copy and/or distribute any such data/ information.
    • The invalidity or non-enforceability of any provision of the agreement will not have any impact on the rest of the agreement. The remaining provisions shall continue to be in full force.

    Liability of Quick Booker
    QuickBooker acts only as a booking agent, it accepts no liability whatsoever for any part of the arrangements between the supplier and the customer with regard to the standard of service. In no circumstances shall QuickBooker be liable for the services provided by the supplier. QuickBooker does
    If you have any questions about these Terms or if you need further assistance with respect to access to or use of the Site or the services offered by Quick booker, you may contact our Customer Service department.

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